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the daily soup

soup diet, anyone?


I started a new fad in my household. We now eat soup more times in a day than we have dessert. Not kidding. I love soup. Ari likes soup but only occasionally, like every time we eat out 🙂 Uri hates it. Turo is so-so about it. But hey, I’m the President of my kitchen. I do the grocery and get stuff from the market and pay for takeouts and I set the meal plan for the week. In short, I wield a lot of power over everyone else’s food choices. So one day, I woke up and said, we’re gonna eat soup everyday. And so we did.

Every morning, I wake up, cut up vegetables, simmer them in water, add a pinch of spices, a sprinkle of herbs, maybe some milk or yogurt or cream, grated cheese when I’m feeling fancy, or egg when I’m feeling exceptionally hungry. And then the rest of the pack wakes up to a bowl of soup each, with toast or crackers on the side. That’s what we have for breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY for about a month now.

Nobody’s complaining. Who could resist my I-don’t-have-to-fix-my-own-breakfast offer? So y’all might think I’m dragging my entire household into this diet revolution, but there’s more to it than trying to lose pounds or belly flabs.

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how does your garden grow?

My present read is about gardening in small spaces. I bought the book three years before as a birthday gift for Turo for the obvious reason that he likes gardening more than I do. Well, I also like gardens. Just not the soil digging and plant growing part, which I’m not any good at. For me, it’s mostly just the admiring and appreciating part that I like.

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how to store leafy greens

If you can’t go to market during the weekend, better do it in the middle of the week. Last night was Wednesday night and I made a lucky stop at Farmer’s Market. Vegetables were cheaper compared to post-Pepeng prices and there was greater variety. I bought lettuce for P120/kilo and basil for P80/kilo. Fruits were expectedly pricey as we near Christmas but I thought lemons at P12 a piece were a better deal than when you buy one for twenty pesos in the grocery.

I planned to make tuna pesto sandwiches for breakfast this morning and woke up extra early only to find out that Turo already cooked chicken sopas while I lulled the babies (and myself) to sleep. The leafy greens I bought last night will have to wait for another breakfast opportunity over the weekend. In such cases, storing vegetables, particularly the green leafy ones, are important if you want to maintain their crispness and freshness.

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