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theatre therapié

I was never the type to remember famous lines from a movie or a play. But I love visual media just the same.

A couple of weekends ago, Mother surprised me with four balcony tickets to a play which a friend produced and invited me to watch. The title of the play is “Bona” which was a theater adaptation of a Lino Brocka film of the same title, starring no less than the superstar Nora Aunor. Lino Brocka is probably the greatest, deepest, most talented Filipino film director of all time. I am no film critique but he just happens to be in a league of his own when it comes to local film-making.

The play stars the famous comedienne Eugene Domingo. So yes, her starring in this one was a big come on. And the fact that there’s gotta be loads of comic relief since she’s the lead. I’m a huge fan of comedy and Filipino humor. Once in my youth, I had written a musical comedy for secondary school. It was difficult to write comedy, and the result wasn’t really super funny. So there, reason number one is comedy and a pressing need for laughter. Continue reading theatre therapié