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Flood economics (Ondoy series part 8)

The damage to infrastructure and agriculture by typhoon Ondoy and now Pepeng is estimated to have gone over PhP10 billion. It’s like hard-earned money going down the drain. But which now sounds like an oxymoron considering that the clogged and inefficient drainage systems were behind the flooding in the first place.

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disaster eating (Ondoy series part 5)

I haven’t mentioned anything regarding food except our breakfast last September 26. No we didn’t live by relief goods. There were none that came into our area. We were lucky to have saved the ref but since there was no electricity, most of the food left inside will soon spoil. In the evening of that Saturday, when it became apparent that we will remain underwater for at least one more day, I went on a cooking spree. I had to cook everything there was to be cooked so we would have food while we’re stuck in the flood. We can’t go out, except on foot, because our vehicles were useless. And even if we did go out, there was nothing that can be bought nearby. Continue reading disaster eating (Ondoy series part 5)

to save or not to save (Ondoy series part 4)

If there’s any tough realization I can get out from this experience, it’s knowing that you can never really be prepared for a disaster. We were foolish to think we were prepared enough and that we knew what to do. We really did underestimate the forces of nature. I realized this when the water level was inches from our mezzanine floor. Then I started to freak out. If the water went up some more we would have lost a lot more. Luckily it didn’t. Continue reading to save or not to save (Ondoy series part 4)

water runs clean (Ondoy series part 2)

The rain poured harder after breakfast. Brother left for school. Mother was waiting for mall opening hours to buy stuff on the way to work. Turo was mulling over attending his fraternity homecoming despite the bad weather. The kids had Maisy mouse playing. Still pretty normal. Except for the water in the street that was rising at constant speed. At this rate water will surely enter our house.

There was nothing else to do but to welcome the crystal clear flood waters into our humble home. Why it was so clean remain a mystery to me.

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