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back on track

finally slowing down and taking life at a stride. funny how i seem to cover greater distances now than when i was in a frantic pace i myself could not keep up.

The economies of scale are against me again. But time is on my back. These past days are the bravest I had ever been. I quit my job. I needed to. I needed to save my soul and get my life moving towards the direction I squarely missed over the past year.

I am back to freelance work, the only kind of work I ever really felt comfortable with. I am now able to assist better on farmwork and the business. And I have more time to prepare my kids for school season this June. It will be Uri’s first time to go to school. And Ari will be moving up to big school. I even plan to go back to school myself. I am back on track. Really I am.

Today I celebrated this fact with my little boys. My boys whom I pray will be as brave as I am when their time comes. We went out for a game of frisbee. It was a beautiful day to be out, under the cloudy skies, running through the scented grass.

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deciding family

I had been putting off writing another entry for more than a month now. I wasn’t really busy. I was occupied. With my favorite activity in the world. Planning. This time for something major and life-changing.

Just about the right enough number of doors opened and closed for us that led to what probably is the boldest decision we ever yet made for our family. We decided to let go of the ultimate comforts of our present home–free dwelling in my parent’s beautiful and well-ventilated house, a huge refrigerator and a full kitchen, free use of the family car, quiet suburban living minutes away from Manila.

After nearly four years, we are going to be on our own, away from stressful Manila, and closer to the foothills of beautiful Mt. Makiling. Because early next year, we are going to be residents of Los Banos. I could not be any more excited.

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quality time needs quantity time

Most parents, if not all, want to spend time with their children. But some have difficulty fitting family time into their busy schedule. Work, children’s TV time and household chores always seem to get in the way of parent quality time with kids. And despite the best intentions, most parents find that spending special time with children does not happen unless parents mark a specific date and time in the family calendar.

Because our lives are so full of hurry and worry and all sorts of activities, we often find ourselves stressing on the importance of spending “quality time” with our children. Planning out of town trips, going to the zoo or theme parks, shopping for new toys, watching a movie, eating out, or any enjoyable activity that may also translate to a considerable amount of expense–a blowout or treat perhaps. I am guilty of this, especially when I come home from a business trip, and I know most parents are as well. This attitude may stem from the guilt of knowing that we do not have enough time to spend with our children or that we only spend time with them once we have everything else done. Continue reading quality time needs quantity time

the local food project

I had been mulling over this local food project for quite a time now. This project is one gigantic habit-breaking attempt to reduce our household’s “food miles“–the distance that food travels from the source (usually a farm) to our refrigerator, plates and eventually our stomachs. This really is a meager attempt at reducing carbon footprint in our daily lives, considering how much traveling our family does in a year. But while we cannot afford to cut back on our leisure trips, we can at least take conscious effort to reduce carbon footprint in the food we eat. Continue reading the local food project

on the road again

I’ve been away from my kids for two days now. And I won’t be home for another three days. It feels like forever. Because it’s been more than a year when I last traveled on my own. And it seems there will be a lot of travel in store for me for the rest of the year. I’m worried that it’s going to feel like forever each time.

A few days back I was excited as hell when I accepted a consulting contract for a foreign-funded project. This is my dream job, really. I have carefully shaped my career (motherhood notwithstanding) so I can get to this kind of work. But when I got off the plane the other day, visiting one institution after another, traveling from one province to another, without any concrete output except for some meaningful introductions and scheduling agreements, I began to wonder–is this really THE work I’ve been wanting to do? Continue reading on the road again

operation: declutter

Our new yaya does a great job of getting the house clean with minimal supervision. But a clean house is only the next best thing to an organized house. When I thought I had a few hours to spare the other day, I raided the closet where I keep some of the boys’ old toys. Yes it was time for operation declutter. At least for that corner of the house.

We’re lucky because we always had some place to junk our junk. I keep old clothes inside old bags so when fire victims come knocking we have something to donate. Yaya sorts used cans and plastic containers and sells them to bakal-bote boys. She says she sells enough for her to buy cellphone load from time to time. Not bad. And we never run out of babies in the family who can use the boys’ outgrown clothes. Continue reading operation: declutter

justifying the blogging break

At least it hasn’t been a month since I last posted an entry. But close to a month. Very close.

My apologies to my readers. Now I keep thinking whatever had I been busy with that I had not had time to drop a line in here? When in fact I had installed a wireless router at home so I can go online while watching over my sleeping kids. And that Turo’s been doing most of the cooking at home. And there was only one party that we hosted in the entire duration that I was absent from this blog.

While I now work for two different institutions, been accepting freelance work left and right, spending weekends at the beach, volunteering my skills for a couple of NGOs and running an online business with my college friends, in addition to taking care of two toddlers and preparing for the resignation of our trusty yaya, they’re not good enough excuses for nearly a month without posts. Having ran out of interesting stuff to write about can be a better explanation. With my now-getting-busy schedule, I lost precious time to read books and magazines, surf the internet and read up on other blogs–that’s losing access to sources of ideas for blog entries. And since Turo took over my cooking regime, I can’t even cook up a food entry.

This is alarming though, and I now need to get back on track, rather urgently. So alongside my apologies for the lack of posts is a word of caution that there will be more eventful and insightful additions to this blog. Thanks everyone for reading!

recovering from a virus

The vacation in Guiuan series is taking a breather as I try to recover from a terrible virus that attacked my computer earlier this week. My work-related files, papers, researches and a lot of my serious writings were thankfully spared. But all of my photos, videos and audio files are gone the moment I hit the system recovery button on my netbook. I was near tears while I reinstalled the OS on my computer. I can’t believe how depressing this can be.

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same old rants

Last week was a crazy week. I had barely a weekend because I started working on Sunday. Apart from a two-day “raket” I also worked the entire week to prepare for a major workshop which we hosted Friday. Outside office hours me and my friends are cooking up a business endeavor that will hopefully be operational come mid-Feb. While the weekend was somehow relaxing because we went swimming, I probably went too far celebrating on Saturday night and had the worst hangover come Sunday morning. Today, I could not go to work because I was very nauseous. Unfortunately, I have deadlines to meet so I would likely be up until 2 or 3 so I could beat them.

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