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bahaySKUL midterm review

we try to pick ourselves up from a vacation in paradise and get back into full swing We have completed our first term right smack at the end of January. The boys have each taken their midterm evaluation tests at TLP, our homeschool provider – and passed! We had a little ravioli lasagna party to… Continue reading bahaySKUL midterm review

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photo-finishing first grade

if my planning serves me right, we will complete our first year of homeschooling this month! We are so nearly there. Our first bahaySKUL year completed in 12 crazy months. We are actually quite behind, because the regular school year starts next week, and Ari should be prepping for second grade at this time, but we… Continue reading photo-finishing first grade

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what our bahaySKUL day looks like

everyday is different. some days seem like the others. other days are filled with adventure. We have been homeschooling for over 6 months now. The early months were a struggle, but now we are settling down into some kind of routine, building a familiar structure to our bahaySKUL day. 7:00 am We start our day by… Continue reading what our bahaySKUL day looks like

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homeschooling outside the home

it is an irony how much freeing, rather than confining, homeschooling can be In my previous post I described how we’re trying to make some adjustments after four months of bahaySKUL with Ari. So far the changes we’ve made (and still experimenting) seem to be working and we’ve made a ton of progress over the… Continue reading homeschooling outside the home

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the first four months of bahaySKUL

four months into homeschooling and we barely covered ¼ of the lessons for the first semester We are officially homeschoolers since July. As much as I’d like to say we’re making tremendous progress homeschooling Ari, things aren’t really going as easy as I had hoped. We are way beyond schedule with the lessons and modules.… Continue reading the first four months of bahaySKUL

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distar: our reading program of choice

“Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” almost sounds like its coming from a home TV shopping commercial. We're not the type to catch up on trend purchases, nor are we the types to rely on “instant” and “pre-packaged” products. Whenever we can, we try to make things from scratch. And the same… Continue reading distar: our reading program of choice

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a test of conviction

For a time I thought I had overcome my personal issues against testing. Am I wrong. Here we go again.. Yesterday, we (all four of us) trooped to The Learning Place school to give Ari our moral support as he took a Learning Skills Assessment test, which is a requirement to attend the school. We… Continue reading a test of conviction