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operation: declutter

Our new yaya does a great job of getting the house clean with minimal supervision. But a clean house is only the next best thing to an organized house. When I thought I had a few hours to spare the other day, I raided the closet where I keep some of the boys’ old toys. Yes it was time for operation declutter. At least for that corner of the house.

We’re lucky because we always had some place to junk our junk. I keep old clothes inside old bags so when fire victims come knocking we have something to donate. Yaya sorts used cans and plastic containers and sells them to bakal-bote boys. She says she sells enough for her to buy cellphone load from time to time. Not bad. And we never run out of babies in the family who can use the boys’ outgrown clothes. Continue reading operation: declutter


goodbye baby stuff, hello closet space!

Ari is turning 3 in January. Uri just turned 1 this July. They still grow so fast, I sometimes feel I’m left behind in their development, despite my efforts to always be present for new tricks and milestones.

The first few months in infancy is a different story. This is the time when tremendous growth happens. And it shows in the number of baby clothes and accessories that are outgrown each month. (more)