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on the road again

I’ve been away from my kids for two days now. And I won’t be home for another three days. It feels like forever. Because it’s been more than a year when I last traveled on my own. And it seems there will be a lot of travel in store for me for the rest of the year. I’m worried that it’s going to feel like forever each time.

A few days back I was excited as hell when I accepted a consulting contract for a foreign-funded project. This is my dream job, really. I have carefully shaped my career (motherhood notwithstanding) so I can get to this kind of work. But when I got off the plane the other day, visiting one institution after another, traveling from one province to another, without any concrete output except for some meaningful introductions and scheduling agreements, I began to wonder–is this really THE work I’ve been wanting to do? Continue reading on the road again


the numbers stopped making sense

numbers blurI am right in the middle of a research project that I could not seem to finish.Very soon, I’ll be renewing my contract with the institution I’m presently working for but I’m suddenly undecided. I am a planner. I have designed my career path such that in 10 years time I will have the best of family life and career.  I am definitely not at a career crossroads but I do have some major decisions to take. All of my considerations seem to take on a numerical form—time, finances, experience, knowledge. But like in my unfinished research, the numbers just stopped making sense. (more)