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buying a digital camera (part 2)

photographyMy quest for that value-for-money digital camera led me to explore the bridge models which they say are suited for the “budding pro photographer.” They’re called bridge cameras basically because they’re designed for those wanting to transition from using compact digital cameras to DSLRs. They’re larger and heavier than your “fits in the palm of your hand” compacts and even sport the “DSLR look.” (more)


buying a digital camera

Turo & I had been wanting to buy a digital camera for the last 3 years but always decide that it’s not a priority, given the considerable costs of child rearing, or children-rearing for that matter. We could always borrow my mother’s Sony Cybershot DSC-S40 or use the camera from my celphone. And we almost always end up hardly capturing those astonishing moments. (more)