green living

There are real and doable things that we can all do in order to reduce our negative environmental impact and make a positive difference to our well-loved earth. Our family is taking little steps to living sustainably. We are making intentional choices that reflect this — the food that we eat, the things we purchase, our source of livelihood, and how we raise our children. Read more about our journey to greener living by visiting the links below.

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The core of the sustainable lifestyle that we try to adopt are choices that have to do with the food we eat. Because these are choices that we have to make everyday, and with every meal.

The commitment to environmental preservation through conscious purchase and consumption, is not only a personal advocacy, but one that we try to do as a family. We realized that food expenses lead our consumption pyramid and by changing the way that we eat, we can make a significant difference in the way and in the amounts we consume.

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