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partnering with local crafters

appreciating all things handmade... As an artisan producer myself, I have deep appreciation for all things handmade. I have mentioned before that I am not very artistic myself, so knowing ladies who are artists in their own right is a privilege. The lady behind Banonay (@banonaystore) is Turo’s childhood friend. She makes beautifully handcrafted jewelry and… Continue reading partnering with local crafters

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supporting a local farmers’ market

we are a farming family and a farmers’ market is our happy place Our small-scale organic farm has not been as productive as we had always hoped it would be. An organic farm, as with most other agricultural ventures, is labor- and investment-intensive. We have a growing family, three kids going four in a couple… Continue reading supporting a local farmers’ market

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a pizza feast for my favorite baker

i am both proud and mortified by the fact that my grandmother is the greatest cake baker of all time.. It was my grandmother's seventy-nth birthday and we threw a pizza party in her honor. Too bad she didn't have a birthday cake to blow that day. I dare not get her some store-bought cake… Continue reading a pizza feast for my favorite baker

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strawberries and forever

Today we celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. I took the day off and spent half of it cooking, ain't that celebration enough? These are organic strawberries. They were grown in Benguet State University and cost a little more than off-season prices of regular (chemical-laden) Baguio strawberries. Most of them we ate fresh eons ago. The… Continue reading strawberries and forever

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how the dough’s not as tough as before

 My grandmother is a baker by profession. She's tried to teach me to bake cakes since I was in grade school. But I cursed baking ever since my first (flop) pineapple upside down cake, and the rest of the flop cakes and flop cookies that followed. For reasons I could not explain, Turo and I… Continue reading how the dough’s not as tough as before