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‘me time’ when I’m never alone

"Me time" is a foreign concept to me. Turo and I have pretty much maintained our own personal activities, goals, and undertakings, so while we do a lot of things together, we still have our own stuff to ourselves. In a way, having some personal time is a given, and it doesn't have to come off… Continue reading ‘me time’ when I’m never alone

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supporting a local farmers’ market

we are a farming family and a farmers’ market is our happy place Our small-scale organic farm has not been as productive as we had always hoped it would be. An organic farm, as with most other agricultural ventures, is labor- and investment-intensive. We have a growing family, three kids going four in a couple… Continue reading supporting a local farmers’ market

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cloth diapering (older babies and toddlers)

It’s been awhile since I posted anything about cloth diapers. I am proud to say that our little boy Ira, who is now 19 months old, is still using cloth diapers exclusively both day and night. I must say that successful cloth diapering is a hit-or-miss, trial and error process. But, if I could give… Continue reading cloth diapering (older babies and toddlers)

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organic for a cause

we're rooting for local organic farmers (ourselves included), and we get a basketful of veggies in return. sweet. Today we received our first farm "share" of locally produced organic vegetables. We subscribed to a community-shared agriculture (CSA) scheme where we paid 4 weeks' worth of seasonal, organic produce from farmers organized by Good Food Community.… Continue reading organic for a cause

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hot air balloon fiesta

by far the most unplanned trip we've ever taken.. Travel is a huge part of how we live. We live a lifestyle that is conducive to always being on the go. We homeschool our children (which means we do school, everywhere, all the time). I work from my Macbook (which is basically everywhere, including traffic… Continue reading hot air balloon fiesta

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what our bahaySKUL day looks like

everyday is different. some days seem like the others. other days are filled with adventure. We have been homeschooling for over 6 months now. The early months were a struggle, but now we are settling down into some kind of routine, building a familiar structure to our bahaySKUL day. 7:00 am We start our day by… Continue reading what our bahaySKUL day looks like