This is our homeschooling journey. Our “bahaySKUL” opens in April 2013. Join me, Turo, Ari and Uri as we grow together in learning and discovery in what promises to be the most exciting and enriching adventure our family has ever yet taken.

* * *

Deciding to homeschool is the first step towards homeschooling, but it is not an easy first step. And so far, this step is the farthest we’ve gone. Although we do recognize that homeschooling is going to be a long and continuing process.

* * *

The beauty of affiliation with a homeschool provider is having extra hands to support our family with the daunting task of homeschooling. It is humbling to accept that while this is OUR family’s journey, we have other people who can help enrich it and make it more memorable.

* * *

Finding a homeschool provider is truly a test of conviction. Each family has its own guideposts that influence choices, decisions and priorities. Ultimately your choices reflect your goals and values as a family. And when circumstances call on you to take a second look at decisions already made, it will never hurt to think twice, or thrice because your conviction as a family should never be compromised.

* * *

Our first four months of bahaySKUL is not a walk in the park. We have struggled and made mistakes. But we’re making changes as we need to, and now we see little glimmers of success lighting our bahaySKUL path.

* * *

After 6 months, we are finally settling down into some kind of routine, building a familiar structure to our bahaySKUL day. We realize that each day is unique, and we try to fill each day with as much life and adventure as we can.

* * *

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* * *

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