About this Blog

On July of 2009, this blog was created as a venue for a full-time nanay to capture and immortalize online her learnings, struggles, successes, even misfortunes as she transcends motherhood, parenthood, wifehood, and personhood—mostly for her own enjoyment and partly for sharing to those who may be in a similar state.

After more than a year, nanayisms has been transformed into a completely different animal from what it was birthed as. From a mere documentation of experiences, it has become a repository of information I frequently go back to as I realize there are synonymous approaches to dealing with extremely different situations. It has become a learning tool where I learn as I write, as I think of things to write about, and as I read and re-read what I have already written. At times, I could not help but for it to become an outlet for occasional rants—disappointments that are often few and far between—but mostly, it functions as my personal wall of fame where I hammer in memoirs of my everyday pleasures and achievements. It has become a constant source of inspiration, for myself and my readers as well, as we discover newness and beauty in the ordinaries of life.

I am in constant awe at how random musings become thought-provoking paving the way for more ideas, insights, nanayisms.

Please join me as I revel in this awesomeness that being a mother, wife, daughter, friend, the list goes on… can offer.


13 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Dear Andeeng,

    I am an avid reader of your blog since October when I stumbled upon one of your pages about UPLB/Los Banos.

    I seldom make comments or give likes on blogs that are a little ‘personal’ because I know it is close to the heart of the one behind the computer.

    Nevertheless, I made contact because I want to nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award because your blog is indeed one Lovely Blog, apart from being inspirational and educational.

    You can pick up your badge and to know the rules/info, please visit:


    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story. =)

  2. Hi Andeeeng,

    Good evening, this is Glenda of Kid’s Workshop. Kid’s Workshop is a children’s activity center @ Greenhills Shopping Center. We would like to send you an invitation to visit us. Could we please have your email address? Thank you very much. 

    Glenda Ros

    Kid’s Workshop
    Let your Child Experience the Difference!
    2/F Shoppesville Arcade
    Greenhills Shopping Center
    Mobile: 0905 548 5281
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    Visit http://www.kidsworkshopghills.com

  3. “…read and re-read what I have already written”…I thought I was the only one who did this! Looking forward to reading more of your writing having enjoyed the “herb lady’s” gardening posts so far. I’m looking to educate myself on this subject since a huge backyard that needs tending (with quite a few existing vegetable and herbs) has fallen on my family’s lap recently. Like I always say in my posts (and have heard echoed in a homeschooling post of yours I’ve stumbled upon – I think we both have a recent 1st grader), homeschooling is making learning a part of life 🙂 Great to have made your acquaintance!

    1. Hi Winnie! I was up all night lurking over your blog. I can’t believe I hadn’t known about it before. Your homeschooling posts are really helpful. I’ll try to write more about farming and gardening from here on. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Hi Ms. Andeeeng, kamusta po, my name is Robert and currently working in Qatar. I’m residing in Sto. Domingo Bay Laguna. Ask ko lang po sana as I’m very interested sa homeschooling. We visited TLP almost 4 months ago and even enrolled my 6 year old son sa kanilang reading class. But in the end, nag enroll din kami sa Marantha school sa Bay. How would you rate TLP in homeschooling as i’m still thinking up to this point to pull-out my son in regular school and start homeschooling. Hope that one day we could meet you and your family. Thanks a lot. By the way, you have an awesome blog.:)

    1. Hi Robert,
      Homeschooling is largely dependent on the commitment of the entire family, and not really on the homeschool provider, which in our case is TLP. What TLP has done for us is to facilitate our sons’ compliance to DepEd requirements, something that we think might be difficult for us to do on our own. TLP also provides a venue for us to meet with other homeschooling families. I would say we are part of an active homeschooling community here, from where we draw support and inspiration to motivate us in our homeschooling journey.
      Thanks for dropping by and good luck with your decision to homeschool your child!

  5. Appreciate your feedback Ms. Andeeng, by the way if you don’t mind. Will it be possible to add you in FB or Instagram. I would love that my wife could reach you to further gain some added know-how about homeschooling. Thanks a lot.

    1. Sure thing. I regularly post some of our bahaySKUL activities on Facebook also as a way for us to document our school year, which comes in helpful when we put together each child’s homeschool portfolio at the end of each year.

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