supporting a local farmers’ market

we are a farming family and a farmers’ market is our happy place


Our small-scale organic farm has not been as productive as we had always hoped it would be. An organic farm, as with most other agricultural ventures, is labor- and investment-intensive. We have a growing family, three kids going four in a couple of months, and we are trying to allocate our limited resources as efficiently as possible. Most of the time, this means we could not make the necessary investment required for optimizing our farm’s productivity.


Nevertheless, our farm is continuing and evolving, and provides us with fresh, organic vegetables for our meals. Sometimes we harvest more to be shared with family and friends, but not enough to support our community’s demand for organic produce.


Still, we are part of a lively, and youthful organic farming community here in Los Baños, with our network growing to neighboring towns of Laguna. We are happy to support and participate in a local farmers’ market, organized by our friends from this (hyper) active community.


The Farmers’ Market @ UPOU Community Hub is held monthly, on the last weekend of each month. This February was the third consecutive month that we had the Farmers’ Market, and we are happy to note that the community, both the farmers/sellers and the consuming public, is gaining increasing interest and support.

We (The Garden Kitchen) were at the Farmers’ Market for two days last weekend, selling our processed products made from organic ingredients we grew on the farm. We sold out our calamansi juice concentrate and had only a few jars left of arrabbiata sauce at the end of the second market day.


Our friends, other organic farmers and producers, were there as well, selling the products of their labor. The Farmers’ Market is now becoming a vibrant, thriving locally-organized and –supported trade. We hope you will join us in the succeeding runs, with the next market day scheduled on April 22-23. See you there!

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One thought on “supporting a local farmers’ market

  1. Hello po, I hope this message finds your whole being well 🙂 I have a question for you re: organic farming in Los Banos specifically. I’m a 24-year -old student in organic farming (studying at UPOU), and am interested in connecting to women who are connected to OA practices in the area. If you’d be into connecting, please send me an email at

    With care & gratitude for your wonderful blog,

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