cloth diapering (6 months up)

Cloth diapers to go

My little boy is now 9 months old, and we have been (almost) exclusively cloth diapering for about the same time. Because there are days when deadlines get deadly, and the diaper laundry sits awhile, and I couldn’t get prefolds and covers to dry before the clean ones run out. I confess to having a secret stash of disposable diapers just for these occasions. They get me through very tough times. The rest of the time, though, my baby is on cloth 24/7.

So how does our cloth diaper stash look like right now? I’m no hoarder of cloth diapers. I would say I have just about enough for nearly a week’s worth of diapers before I need to do the laundry. Except when there’s too much poop going on, which happens from time to time, that washing needs to be a bit more frequent. On the average, baby requires 5 to 8 diaper changes in a day.

Our cloth diaper stash for a 9-month old, 9 kilogram, medium wetter baby consists of:


  • 12 Osocozy unbleached cotton prefolds (infant size)
  • 12 GMD unbleached cotton prefolds (yellow & red edge)
  • 5 Bummis fleece liners
  • 4 Flip one-size diaper covers
  • 2 Bumkins one-size diaper covers
  • 1 Bummis Simply Lite one-size diaper cover


  • 3 Cluebebe one-size diaper covers
  • 1 Thirsties duo wrap (size 2)
  • 3 Thirsties stay dry duo inserts
  • 3 Geffen Baby super absorbers plus

Travel/Going out

  • 6 Sassy Star one-size AIOs
  • 1 Thirsties Duo AIO
  • 1 Close Pop-in V2 diaper

Majority of nappies in our stash have hook and loop closure. I just find them more convenient to use and get a better fit. As you would notice, we use a prefolds + covers system, and unlike other AI2 systems, prefolds don’t snap into place inside covers. They have a tendency to bunch up inside the cover, which is why getting a good and secure fit with each nappy change is key to preventing leaky diapers and poop messes.

cloth diapering with prefolds and covers

We have been using prefolds since baby was born and we love it because it is super absorbent and very easy to wash. They’re not as quick to dry as microfiber inserts, and it usually takes 2 days of line drying for them to dry completely. But aside from the wait time between laundry, they clean really easily, no stinks, and poop stains come off after only a few minutes under the sun. The only downside to using prefolds is they’re not stay dry. So when baby’s nappy stays a tad bit longer on the bum than it’s supposed to, his tiny tush gets itchy and irritated. It goes away after I change baby into a clean prefold. But sometimes I use fleece liners over the prefold for a stay dry barrier against his skin.

organic cotton pre fold inside a cover
organic cotton prefold inside a cover

At night, we use our more generously sized covers with a combination of hemp and microfiber inserts. The fast-soaking microfiber with fleece lining goes on top, with a good quality hemp insert underneath. We use Thirsties and Geffen Baby multi-layer hemp inserts, and unlike the stories I hear from other CDing mamas where hemp gets super stiff and difficult to use over time, our hemp inserts stay soft wash after wash.

For quick trips, we are a hundred percent reliant on AIOs. I consider AIOs the saving grace in my cloth diapering journey. Even when I’m in a rush, it’s very easy to just pull out an AIO diaper from the closet and slap it onto baby’s bum, and we’re good to go. There’s at least 1 AIO + onesie inside our diaper bag by default, for any diaper emergency while we’re out.

From my previous experience in cloth diapering, it seems that our current cloth diaper stash would take us well into potty training. Although, I’m still looking to invest in more good quality and trim AIOs, those that would fit well under clothing like jeans or shorts with no leaks. I also plan to invest in some quick drying hemp prefolds as I anticipate a heavy wetting phase during the cold season.

As a whole, cloth diapering in the past 9 months has been pretty manageable, and for the most part enjoyable. I benefited a lot from joining a local cloth diapering support group, and gained access to low-priced (sometimes used) quality cloth diapers and tips for leak-free nights from more experienced cloth diapering moms. Cloth diapering has become one of my advocacies, and sometimes I wish I’ll be having more children so I would have more use out of the cloth diapers I have now. 😉

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