starting my week with backyard tea

the power of tea shall help me pull this week off..


I have a hectic week ahead, with a major work presentation coming up, which I am barely prepared for. The hot summer weather is not at all helping. My entire household had been doing more coughing than talking in the past week. So with an overworked respiratory system and two days of presentation planning, I soul-searched in my backyard for much-needed support.

cough concoction
cough concoction

I made a tea concoction using oregano leaves, calamansi and ginger, all harvested while I boil water for tea–and call it my “cough concoction“. It’s no remedy but it soothes my throat, clears my breathing and has loosened up tough phlegm. I have been taking a potful of this concoction once every morning and in the afternoon in the last three days, and it’s been nothing but relief. It also helped that we swam in the hot pool yesterday, which relaxed all my tired back and chest muscles.

If like me, you hate taking medicine and dread going to the doctor because he’ll prescribe you some medicine, try my cough concoction. I’m sure you can take it alongside any cough medication. Even if you only have a tired voice or sore throat, one cup can work wonders.


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