we have moved (but with clothes still in suitcases)!

It took us half a day, from 5pm til midnight, to haul all our stuff to our new apartment, using one pick-up truck and our sedan. Not bad e?


We are officially 5 days into our new home. I am still quite disoriented not knowing where to find what. Worse, a lot of our stuff are still boxed up and have not found their home inside our new home.

We gave ourselves this week as “transition period” as Turo puts it. But I still have a long list of things that we need to buy, from chairs to wall tacks to plastic shoeboxes, and my moving in budget is thinning rapidly. Frames and storage racks are waiting to be hanged in their rightful place. The garden is a disaster. And our clothes remain outside closets. After five days, I can safely say that moving house is, in fact, the easy part. It is the “settling in” that actually requires a lot of work and creativity.

behind closed doors

Our only consolation is that we have a much bigger space now and I am confident that I would be able to find the perfect little corner for just about everything. Speaking of corners, the kids have found their rightful space. While I miss our old screened porch from time to time, we now have a basement that doubles as yaya’s room and our bahaySKUL room (and my home office on downtimes). What’s great is that this room is separate from the kids’ play area, which is also where the TV is. And so far, having a “serious” room effectively screens out all distractions not related to either work or school. Sweet.

@ work in the bahaySKUL room

As with everything else, our home is a work in progress. But this is the kind of work that I would lovingly put together, no matter how long it may take.


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