moving house: the second time around

the last time, it took me six months to finish packing. now I have three days total for packing, moving and settling down. oh what a busy start of the year!

the moving bunch
the moving bunch

We moved to Los Banos on June 2011. I can’t believe it’s almost been two years. We all love living here in LB and in our apartment–our first real home. But wonderful memories and all, we had to find a new place for 2 big reasons: first, because of the ventilation problem in our current apartment which is not at all helping with Uri’s allergy attacks; second, because we need a bigger, brighter space as we get ready to homeschool Ari starting April.

Late last year, we discussed with our landlady about our plans to move. We have a great relationship with our landlady, and we are a bit sad saying goodbye to them after they shared their beautiful home with us. Turo and I both have our sad moments thinking that we have to leave soon. We will miss our garden, our vegetable plot, our porch. Small as it is, we have grown attached to every nook and cranny of this apartment. Here was where our love affair with a provincial life all started. Here was where we spent learning the most during the toughest year of our family life.

capiz windows

But with all goodbyes come new beginnings. Today is Day 1 of the three-day move. We are moving to an apartment that is conveniently located inside the sprawling UPLB campus, and even closer to Mt. Makiling. It is much cooler in our new apartment, airier, and much more light is coming in. We have a small space out front where I plan to place an outdoor set where Turo and I can enjoy our morning coffee, or where I can work and write in the afternoons. We have a small backyard where we plan to put up an inflatable pool and get ready for the sizzling hot summer here in LB. When the summer’s over we’ll convert it to a vegetable patch.

Our new landlady is a rather successful woman who had been working from home most of her married life. She is fast becoming an inspiration to me. Seeing her makes me think that maybe I can do it (work from home while I raise my kids) too over the long haul.


As I’ve said, today is Day 1 of moving. We have already brought in some of our stuff earlier this morning, although we have not placed everything in it’s proper place because the painting inside the unit is not yet completely finished. Besides, I still have the rest of our stuff to pack. Packing is a very stressful activity, especially to me. I pack to unpack. I have a list of all storage areas in the new apartment and I sort and pack all things moving according to where they will be stored. It can be such a headache but that’s the way it has to be done.

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