pinacanauan river

the best half-baked decision i have ever made.

You can reach the Pinacanauan River just by going a few steps down the Callao Cave entrance. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to pay 600 pesos for a quick boat ride along this river. I’m not the type to get wowed by a river boat ride. I grew up in a valley, right beside one.




Thankfully, our Callao Cave tour guide was persistent enough. He got me sold in on the 600-peso boat ride. Pinacanauan River was still very pristine and beautiful. I wish we had gotten on a non-motorized banca so we could have enjoyed the ride and the surroundings even more.


It’s always nice to be surrounded by a body of water. Tranquil and peaceful. It was a restful way to cap a rather hectic day. No matter how busy the day was, it ended quite nicely as we stood by the side of the river until dusk.



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