T’nalak weaving

this shop had me drooling over hand-embroidered blouses..

Today we spent the day in Lake Sebu. I’ll save details of that trip in a later post. I’m more excited sharing about a women’s cooperative that we visited here whose products include hand-woven fabric by T’boli women.

The T’bolis are a dying tribe in Mindanao. But their culture is kept alive by tourist activity in Lake Sebu. T’boli weavers are famous for the T’nalak. This is a specially woven fabric made using hand-dyed fibers and polished using a seashell, which is why it retains a unique luster.

A variety of crafts are made out of the T’nalak fabric. From wall to table decor, file envelopes, wallets, purses and bags. I bought a couple meters of T’nalak to use as a table runnner at home.

I had also wanted to buy a hand-embroidered and hand-beaded blouse also by the T’boli women. I was aiming for that before I went on this trip. I love collecting things that have cultural value, especially those I could wear. Too bad they were too expensive for my budget. Well they were expensive but you can well see that the intricate designs are worth every penny. It’s just that right now I can’t yet afford it.

And so I promised myself I would drag myself and my husband back to Lake Sebu sometime in the future just so I could buy one of those precious handcrafted clothing.

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