hinting on the holidays

another family milestone: setting up our very first tree..

A day that I should have devoted to writing for a paper that would be due in a few days was spent instead on rearranging furniture and getting excited for the holidays! We can smell Christmas at home. The kids are like, “Is it Christmas? In December? December 25? Then we’ll open the gifts? When the guests are here can we open them?”

Last year was supposed to be the first Christmas we spend on our own. But we weren’t quite able to get out of our families’ holiday traditions that our home ended up being empty on Christmas and New Year. I was busy planning a traditional New Year’s Eve party at my parents’ house and we were busy visiting relatives on Christmas day last year. Even now as I look back in this blog’s archives, I had not written a single post about our holidays last year.

This year though we’re making our own holiday traditions and stamping them firmly on our family calendar. We started by getting our own Christmas tree! I had been planning on getting a tree since several months ago. On the day that we finally bought our tree, I was chickening out at first because I had really not budgeted for any Christmas decorations. But Turo was insistent to just ask on the price of a tree, and that if we couldn’t afford it at least we knew how much it cost. And guess what, we scored our perfect little Christmas tree for one hundred ninety pesos!

You bet it’s a live tree! And we’re gonna take good care of it so that it grows bigger and bigger each year. And then we can include measuring our tree’s height as part of our annual Christmas family tradition. It is our favorite time of the year yet again.

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