goals for learning

Is it just me or is choosing a school for your child really that traumatic?

Earlier this year, Turo and I felt like we’ve been through hell and back in choosing a school for Ari for Kindergarten. We were blessed to find the perfect school for Ari at least for this schoolyear and we are confident that with the help of the school, Ari is well on the right track towards learning and total development.

This morning we met with Ari’s school director and teacher. As always, it has been an enlightening conversation with Professor Garcia. We not only learned of Ari’s progress since the start of the school year up to the end of the first semester, but our belief that learning occurs differently from child to child was further reinforced.

We looked at Ari’s worksheets, and we were walked through the school’s teaching methods. They were glad to point out which methods proved effective while teaching Ari and were kind enough to give us some advice on how we can supplement what has been learned from school at home.

We have another semester to decide which school to send Ari as he moves up to elementary. Choosing a big school for Ari is always at the back of our minds every time the subject of education crops up. Right now we are lucky to have a school that runs on highly developmental principles, with a 1:2 teacher-student ratio, and provides a high level of supervision and support to our child. But this is preschool. Big schools are called big schools because they are such. With tons of students coming from diverse backgrounds, diverse learning curves, and family values. And we are not ready to send our five-year old child into a world that is as huge and chaotic as this, without us behind his back.

It is not only getting quality education that is our priority but learning. Learning academics because a child needs it to obtain higher education. Learning sports so a child can be strong, healthy, active, disciplined and work well with others. Learning arts so he can express and communicate what he thinks and feels in more ways than one. Learning values that are centered on faith, family and service to others. There are so many things we want our children to learn that cannot be found in text books and worksheets. At the same time there are things that we don’t want them to learn like fighting or cursing or looking down on other people, attitudes and habits that they may easily pick up if they are not by our side.

Turo and I have been constantly assessing our priorities for our family, and considering these with the practicalities of our everyday life. We still need to earn a living, work within a tight financial margin, eat well, enjoy life. As we go through all of these priorities, the things we want to achieve, and as we relate this with our day to day decisions including the education of our children, we seem to be inching more and more towards choosing homeschooling as the best method to educate them.

We will forever be first-time parents. We are continuously learning as our children grow and go through the various stages of life. Maybe homeschooling is just another side of this kind of life-long learning. For us as parents, for our children as students, and for all of us as a family. We have not made our final decision. We still have a few more months to think and rethink it over. But we seem to headed strong towards this direction. We are praying that we be led and guided to the right decision that will be the best for our children and our family.


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