a trip to the bull barn

Imagine trying to avoid milking cows moseying in the middle of the road. Here where we live, it’s an everyday thing.

Yesterday, Turo and I had a sweet date at the bull barn. What?!

Well, it was one of those days when we need to re-stock on farm inputs, this time we needed to get carabao manure, which we use for vermiculture and for making organic fertilizer for the plants. So off we went to the farm of the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC), a few more kilometers from the PCC store where we buy our regular supply of fresh milk, yogurt, hotdogs, kesong puti and buffalo mozarella.

In a bull barn you should expect to see cattle, grass feed, cattle manure, and more grass. Considering how big they are, they’re probably humongous eaters.

This guy looked very fierce, I was a bit worried about getting too close to shoot a photo. Although I’d say he liked the extra attention because he turned to face me the entire time I was trying to take his picture. Either that or he wants to tackle me down, which was why I decided to stay away.

The PCC staff above was the one who assisted us with our order of carabao manure. After filling two sacks, he and Turo hauled them into the car trunk. It was good that the manure was already slightly dry, otherwise it would be too heavy and the car muffler is probably gonna get dragged all the way down because of the weight.

So that was the end of our short, sweet date. The kids are gonna kill us when they see the photos because we didn’t bring them along to see the cute carabaos. Now let’s go home and pray we don’t bump into any more animals along the way.


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