a pizza feast for my favorite baker

i am both proud and mortified by the fact that my grandmother is the greatest cake baker of all time..

It was my grandmother’s seventy-nth birthday and we threw a pizza party in her honor. Too bad she didn’t have a birthday cake to blow that day. I dare not get her some store-bought cake that she would only pretend to like, and all the more could I not bake her a cake that pales in contrast to her own masterpieces. I still don’t have the guts to pull that off, although I know she would appreciate it if I do. Maybe next year.

My family stayed the night at my grandmother’s house, displaced her from her usual sleeping area, and chatted until we couldn’t and slept. In the morning of her birthday, she greeted us with baked chicken casserole for breakfast and some lovely strawberry muffins which Uri ate and ate and left little for the rest of us.

After breakfast, we sat down with the kids to help them make the party decor. They cut, colored, glued and traced on the birthday banner and cutout paper patterns. Good we brought along colored paper, ribbons, scissors and other craft materials.

It was a nice, intimate party with only the closest of family. My lola had a great time. I think she liked the idea that we went out of our way to prepare food and all sorts of other things for her birthday. As well as the fact that we spent three days at her home, including before and after the day of her birthday.

my grandmother, the baker

Most of the afternoon I busied myself up in the kitchen. I was mass producing pizza in record time–the most I’ve made in a day–twelve pizzas in total. There was seafood pizza, pepperoni, ham and pineapple, super meat pizza, whatever combination of ingredients I could think of. I also used the first batch of green peppers harvested from our farm, which was delightfully tasty and smelled really good.

My brother made sardine pasta and grilled some tuna steaks, with vegetables on the side. Father cooked bulalo (beef bone soup) and ginataang hipon (shrimp cooked in coconut milk) and an uncle made kinilaw (ceviche). A cousin brought pancit and chicken teriyaki, and Mother was the taco lady. See the rest of the photos from the party, as if you were there with us.

my pizza monster kids
drinking party
the taco lady
lola gets a skype call from NZ
buttered up veggies
the kitchen crew
the perfect pair for pizza
more pizza more

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