big boy plates and an addiction to stoneware

finally had my dose of retail therapy, my fingers crossed the entire time that Turo wouldn’t mind considering that we had budget restraints and these weren’t life or death purchases. but he didn’t. yay! it was one of the happiest30-minute shopping sprees of my life.

This week marked the second dinnerware upgrade of the year for our boys. They’re growing fast and eating more. They actually need bigger plates and bigger utensils that’s commensurate to the amount of food they now are capable of ingesting.

Well this was a darn good excuse for buying new plates. Of course the children can eat on just about any plate and still eat well. Still, I thought a couple of teal-bordered plates can make rice toppings look more appetizing. These plates looked like they were a crossbreed of a plate and a bowl—big boy plates as we like to call them.

When we had guests over just recently, I realized we had a couple of dinner plates missing. One I think I broke, the other I couldn’t remember. We only had a few dinner plates and they had to be replaced because we, adults, practically eat on them every meal. Just my luck because I found huge and heavy olive stoneware plates at a mall’s outlet sale. They were factory rejects, had scratches and blemishes on them which was why they were being sold at a bargain. I checked each piece of plate on the pile, lining up my fingers on the surface for unwanted scratches and cracks until I arrived at the three least damaged ones.

I’m a fan of stoneware and lovely plates. I couldn’t say that stoneware is sturdier than ordinary ceramic plates, even though they’re so much heavier. When I’m too tired I literally postpone washing dishes until the next day because I just might drop and break our stoneware plates. They’re that heavy.

For reasons I would not be able to explain, I just have a thing for stoneware. These new dinner plates I just bought are even larger and heavier than the adult plates we’re currently using. They could even pass for serving dishes. So there you go, double duty. For less than 250 pesos for five pieces of dinnerware, I have beautiful plates, zero stress and my shopping delusions gone for the moment.


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