a new tea concoction

i owe this one to my friend day and her beautiful wedding where i snatched sampaguitas and rose bouquets that were part of her church decor. after the ceremony, of course.

I had skipped sipping tea for quite a time now because the latest pack of loose-leaf Oolong I bought from a wellness sanctuary somewhere in Batangas tasted terrible. Have I mentioned that Oolong is my favorite kind of tea? But this Oolong (I reckon it’s pretending to be Oolong) was just disastrous to my tea habit, even when i had drowned them in dried mint leaves.

Thank God for that wedding in May, now, all the sampaguita and rose buds I had stolen were completely dried. I crushed the dried flowers a bit with my hands and added them to the dusty bottle containing the (fake) Oolong and mint. I tasked Ari and his little boy muscles to shake up the bottle until the flowers were evenly distributed throughout. And then I steeped a pot of tea from my new concoction.

It tasted just as I had imagined it would. My very own rose-jasmine-mint-oolong tea mix. Tea time, I am sooo back.


3 thoughts on “a new tea concoction

    1. you should try tea once in a while. it’s not for everyone, though. i like how it warms me up yet slows me down at the same time. unlike coffee, there are about a million kinds of tea and tea blends. you should be able to find one that you’ll like.

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