pizza weekends

my arm muscles are firming up from making too much, too thin wholewheat pizza crusts. at least everybody loves my pizza, big arms and all.

Ever since I took a bread, pizza and pasta class several months ago, wholewheat flour and instant yeast became a kitchen staple at home. I used to make soft crust pizza of medium thickness all the time until making my favorite crust became all too easy. So I looked for thin crust recipes online, one that makes a pliable crust yet crispy at the bottom. Only, thin crust pizzas are so much harder to make. This kind of dough is much tougher, and needs much effort to roll out to desirable thinness.

Arugula is one of our favorite toppings. While these greens normally sell for at least P400/kg, we need only to pull them out from our garden. They grow easily and taste wonderful, whether raw or cooked. They’re great toppings for pesto pizzas, by itself or with tomatoes and a sprinkle of cheese. If our pizza budget allows, we use soft buffalo mozzarella otherwise, we use white cheese or kesong puti. For the kids, a ham and arugula pizza is just perfect.

A recent pizza topping discovery is pickled jalapeno peppers. Unfortunately, we only use the bottled ones at the moment. Jalapeno peppers have a bit of heat, so they’re rated SPG (for adults only).  I dice up the peppers, throw over a tomato puree coated dough with lots of chopped onions and olives, and a little cheese.

Chilled bottles of beer or ice-cold Coke makes our pizza weekends always worth looking forward to.

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