strawberries and forever

Today we celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. I took the day off and spent half of it cooking, ain’t that celebration enough?

These are organic strawberries.

They were grown in Benguet State University and cost a little more than off-season prices of regular (chemical-laden) Baguio strawberries.

Most of them we ate fresh eons ago. The rest were preserved in sugar syrup and took residence in our refrigerator for months. Today we were reunited and I made strawberry jam out of them.

I added powdered sugar and cooked the strawberry mixture in hot as hell charcoal fire. In a few minutes my fingers were almost sugar-burnt. Surprisingly, there was no burnt sugar taste. My homemade strawberry jam had a very light strawberry flavor. Which makes me wonder what kind of strawberries (or strawberry flavoring) went in to those commercially produced jams.

Of course they were great with bread and now I have something to pair tea with. What was left of the strawberry syrup I made into strawberry iced tea for the kids. Then I was their darling mother once again.


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