back on track

finally slowing down and taking life at a stride. funny how i seem to cover greater distances now than when i was in a frantic pace i myself could not keep up.

The economies of scale are against me again. But time is on my back. These past days are the bravest I had ever been. I quit my job. I needed to. I needed to save my soul and get my life moving towards the direction I squarely missed over the past year.

I am back to freelance work, the only kind of work I ever really felt comfortable with. I am now able to assist better on farmwork and the business. And I have more time to prepare my kids for school season this June. It will be Uri’s first time to go to school. And Ari will be moving up to big school. I even plan to go back to school myself. I am back on track. Really I am.

Today I celebrated this fact with my little boys. My boys whom I pray will be as brave as I am when their time comes. We went out for a game of frisbee. It was a beautiful day to be out, under the cloudy skies, running through the scented grass.

I had promised to take them to the park the day before but I got caught up in a meeting until midnight. Thank God today was a better, beautiful day to be out.

It was my way of telling them that I was back. That while I worry and struggle to save for tuition fees and other expenses, I can be with them the whole time. To teach them and help them get ready for bigger things that will be coming their way.

When they were tired of frisbee I took them on a quick walking tour of UPLB. We started with reading lessons on road signs. My children just have a thing for road signs. I am thinking of going back to my driving school manual so I can better interpret some of the signs we see along the road whenever we go on trips.

Then we stopped by some heritage sites that we passed along the way. They were awed by the huge cotton tree and the baby Kapok trees beside it. We saw a fire truck rushing along. I introduced them to the mystical Mariang Banga and accompanied their eyes along Molawin creek.

Our last stop was the oblation statue. Here I tried to teach them about service amidst difficulties. I’m not sure if they even understood anything I explained to them about Oble’ and his meaning. Maybe in time they will. I pray they will imbibe his significance as I do. I am UP by the way. Now I am back on track and I am certain where it leads.


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