a first look into our first home

This is going to be our last week in the city. And I’m getting some moving day jitters. Are we really ready to leave the comforts of old home behind?

It’s the last weekend before the big move on Saturday. We’re supposed to be moving some of the big stuff today but the moving party (Father & his truck, Buzz lightyear) called in sick. So it was just Turo and I and our trusty Mojito (we just have this thing about naming our cars) and all the moving boxes that we could fit in.

A beautiful Sunday morning drive led us to Los Banos before 10 am. I had to eat otherwise I’d get all cranky, so some Papu’s siomai and bottomless buko juice from Manong Buko powered us up. His buko juice had the same exact taste from 6 or 7 years ago, so much like everything else. LB we are so home!

We had keys to the gate, and the helper of the house owner was surprised that we let ourselves in. Above is the photo of the path from the front gate. Our little apartment is located way inside the compound obscure from view.

The path will take you to a lush garden and some vegetable beds. And we have permission from the owners to grow some of our own and even harvest some of theirs. Sweet!

Our little apartment can be seen by the bend. It’s a little blue house hiding behind the foliage. See?

A step inside leads to a screened porch that’s a big enough space for some indoor play by the boys.

Another doorway leads to the main house that’s currently empty except for the dining table and chairs. The rest of the stuff are coming in on Saturday.

The kitchen area is the one that’s a bit more organized because all the small kitchen stuff are in. But we still need to do some tile cleaning to get rid of old dirt stains.

I still have a long list of things to pack and purchase which I hope to finish before Saturday. Moving into our first home is going to be a work in progress for a few more months before we can really say we’re perfectly settled in. The prospect of moving into a new home all by ourselves is both daunting and exciting. Cheers to our lovely little home!


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