blueberry breakfast

I finally woke up early. I didn’t get to jog. But I finally got to make those blueberry pancakes I’ve long planned to make.

Yes, some wild variety of blueberries grow in this country. I bought a few grams of fresh blueberries when we were in Baguio last Feb. I love blueberries because they’re among the superfoods. Together with avocados, apples and pomegranates, they’ve got tons of antioxidants and lots of anti-aging properties, including fighting memory loss. These little berries have also earned the distinction as the fruit with the greatest anti-cancer properties, compared to other fruits.

So I as made my normal pancakes with flour, baking powder, sugar, milk, oil and an egg, I added a few tablespoons of chilled blueberries to the mix.

My wrists aren’t strong enough for any pan-flipping. I turn my pancakes with a spatula. Thank God for non-stick pans, making pancakes seem totally waste-free.

Then they’re browned up and beautiful and done, with some purple staining as you cut through them. Ari did not like the cut up pieces though, he preferred the barbaric way of biting into the big round pancakes. Whoever taught him that?


2 thoughts on “blueberry breakfast

  1. i doubt if you can get them fresh here. may canned blueberries available sa grocery. that’s what they use for cheesecakes sa mga pastry shops.

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