serving and shelving

I went out earlier today for some bank transactions, to get a chest x-ray and find a notary public. A few hours later, I walked home with four huge bags from home and decor stores, a refrigerator catalog and an appliances pricelist. Plus the notarized documents. But no x-ray.

It is a mistake to step inside of a shopping mall after getting some money from the bank. I was only supposed to purchase a gift for my secret santa in an upcoming (but very much delayed) christmas party. But I had to pass through the lane of home stores, alone, and with some money. And I was just too weak.

I’ve long been wanting to get some baskets to make sorting and storing the boys’ toys easier. I keep saying I’ll get some woven baskets in Samar but those I found look too native and doesn’t seem appropriate to store kids’ toys. An ideal toy cabinet for me should have large, open baskets in bright, cheery colors.

At home, we have this huge open cabinet with large square-ish shelves that serves as the TV and DVD rack and toy cabinet at the same time. My mother once mentioned she would be handing this down to me when we move out. When it’s officially mine, I’ll be painting it white so the colors of the newly-purchased toy baskets will be brighter.

Another noteworthy purchase from today’s unplanned shopping spree is inspired by decorative metal trays–perfect servingware for small parties or a great accent to a breakfast table.

I am so very lucky to find something so much like these from Papemelroti, very cheap too. And there were two pieces left I had to buy both. I can imagine this as our bread basket, lined with handwoven cloth, beside a bottle of jam or honey and a tub of butter or cheese!

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