a chorizo christmas

It’s early in the morning on Christmas eve. I just finalized the Noche Buena menu and shopping list. I will be starting a cooking marathon in a bit but first would like to share a sneak peek into our upcoming Noche Buena. We’re going Spanish this year and below is our full menu.

Tapas bar

Chorizo al Vino

Potato and chorizo tortilla

Pan de sal and Chicken liver pate


Cauliflower with warm ham vinaigrette


French onion soup (okay so it’s not Spanish)


Roasted stuffed peppers

Pastel de lengua

Pasta de sardine


Strawberry flambe

We’re also stuck with bottles of French wine as I decided to forego our usual Chilean favorite. Too bad I shopped for wine way before we decided to go for a Spanish menu this year. Good thing somebody thought of buying a bottle of Fundador. At least brandy has more Spanish appeal.

We’re also having guests this year, a break in our tradition of having Noche Buena just by ourselves. More pressure for the Christmas cook. Note to self: I can pull this off. Cooking and cleaning and prepping my kids, and maybe do a little laundry and some last minute Christmas shopping. Why can’t I take a vacation on Christmas eve? Oh well, it’s still my favorite time of the year. Nothing beats.

Off to the kitchen now and into chorizo-land. I hope I have time to shoot food photos tonight. Happy Holidays everyone!

chinese chorizo for a spanish feast

2 thoughts on “a chorizo christmas

  1. post the pics already!

    lunch buffet at alba’s was offered at P350 in ensogo, about 50% discount. i was tempted to avail of it, but didn’t know who to take with me na magugustuhan ang spanish cuisine 🙂

    1. i tried the alba buffet before, nothing spectacular. parang filipinized spanish food. but it wasn’t bad either. and at P350, might be sulit. ilibre mo ko sasamahan kita 😉

      wala palang noche buena pics. brother took photos, but when I checked his cam wala naman christmas photos dun. sorry. great dinner though. my cousin brought paella. we kept eating til christmas breakfast.

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