first home hunting

Yesterday was a day of semi-successes. Turo and I drove to LB to look for possible housing options for our big move next year. At the end of the day we had a handful of contact numbers and addresses of our “first home” candidates, a clearer picture of rental pricing for our budget projections and more insights on how our future life will be like after we’ve moved.

The trip to Laguna and back has been relatively predictable. No intense traffic congestion, just a laid back relaxing drive, albeit inefficient toll fee collection. I’m positive that traffic conditions will be better by next year and we’ll have enjoyable road trips whenever we would need to go to Manila.

It was noon by the time we got to Los Banos. As we planned our house hunting itinerary, food stops were considered as well. While there seem to be a mushrooming of fancy restaurants and cafes near the campus, which for me is not necessarily a good thing, we will always be drawn to the secret nooks that’s truly UPLB that we hope will exist forever. We had lunch at Ning’s Thai and was graciously served by the owner with great food and amusing stories.  And our afternoon was capped with the best yogurt from the carabao center.

Another usual stop is at the Institute of Plant Breeding, where Turo trained in hydroponics and purchases nutrient solutions for the plants. Sir Boy was kind enough to let us in on recent innovations, growing techniques, seed suppliers and market opportunities–all PF-free. We even learned that a portion of UP property around the area was being leased out for agricultural activities. It seems The Garden Kitchen will still have a backyard herb garden in LB after all.

Now that we travel to LB more frequently I realize just how mesmerizing Los Banos really is. The culture, the community, the lifestyle, everything, everything. It hasn’t changed much really, over the span of time that I graduated up to now. But because I had been to a lot of places since, and learned to appreciate more, I now get to appreciate Los Banos even more. There’s inspiration everywhere.

While we weren’t entirely successful with our main mission, we went home with our hands and hearts full. I may be getting too excited yet again. I am anticipating some difficulty as we go about our plan to move here. But I’m constantly reassured that this is the right way to go. For now we are mere house hunters, but in a few months we will be sinking our teeth in the kind of life that we really want to live. I simply could not wait.


3 thoughts on “first home hunting

  1. excited na din ako para sa inyo! mejo nalulungkot rin pero ganun talaga. tumatanda na talaga tayo. huhu. sana nga matuloy yung plano nila to lease out space for agri activities. tamang-tama yun para sa inyo! but of course, a backyard garden would be much better. don’t forget to invite us sa pasinaya! 🙂

    1. as to the details, we still don’t have much finalized. there’s this strong realization that i can only plan as much (and i hate it). but i’m positive things will work out well in the coming months. and then the pasinaya will be in order 😉

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