wood workin’

Kids and toys go very well together, but so do toys and plastic. We try to do our share by refraining from purchasing toys for our children, which is an effective money saving measure as well.

Last night was a different case, however. Turo and I stumbled upon the remaining few pieces of a wooden truck assembly set. We loved the wooden trucks and did not hesitate to buy two sets for the kids and a few more sets as gifts for Christmas.

Each set came with an instruction sheet, the wooden parts, a screwdriver and some screws. Turo and the boys were up til late last night putting the trucks together. While the task was too difficult for the kids to work on their own, it’s a good exercise of fine motor skills–putting on screws, matching holes and simply grasping the small wooden pieces.

I wish there were more toys like these available in the market. These are a lot sturdier than their plastic counterparts although not as colorful. But a wooden truck painting session can always be arranged. The only danger is my kids using them to knock each other on the head. No wooden truck fights, please!



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