yellow gerberas

I passed by the flower market before coming to the office the other day. I bought some bright yellow gerberas for an officemate’s wife who recently gave birth to a baby boy.

I was planning to buy some white and pink anthuriums but these yellow daisies shouted out to me from afar. They were even more expensive than gerberas of more exotic colors like oranges and peaches, but I chose these because I knew they were the perfect yellows that can brighten up a tired new mommy.

Gerberas belong to the sunflower family, the ones known as “daisies” in the popular vernacular. Characteristic of daisies is their long vase life, making gerberas ideal for use in floral arrangements, fifth on the list following rose, carnation, chrysanthemum and tulip. Daisies are a classic symbol of beauty, innocence and purity, but gerberas hold a new meaning of cheerfulness stemming from the massive variety of colors that are available.

I bunched up the gerberas together with iris leaves and tied them up with a lovely red bow over a piece of yellow jute. It may not be the best looking bouquet but to me it looked pretty and handmade, that brought along my personal good wishes to the new mother and her baby.

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