old city charm

Probably influenced by my days as a planning major, I had always admired old town and city centers, whether they remain as urban centers in the present day or not. Tacloban City has that old city charm. Owe it to Imelda’s handiwork and the Romualdez’ political dynasty that preserved Spanish-style houses and American-style art deco buildings.

I spent my Sunday morning walking around downtown armed with a map and my poor sense of direction. Had I known that Sundays were lazy days here, I would have stayed in bed til noon that day. Most of the establishments on my list were closed that morning and won’t open til 1pm. And I had to travel in the afternoon, so a number of spots will have to wait to be visited until my return next month.

I stayed in the well-recommended Hotel Alejandro while in the city. I liked it because it was the cleanest there is apart from its vintage look. Inside there was a mini-museum that showcased a collection of photos, vehicle replicas and antique items that date back to American colonial times.

Hotel Alejandro

to be continued…


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