all things garden

We can easily while away hours on all things garden. We spent our morning in Manila Seedling Bank, buying pots, plants, soil and other gardening supply. We walked past gardens and growers, big and small, admiring new ornamental varieties that we have not seen before. On few occasions, we spot common blooms dressed up in ornate pots being sold at very dear prices. We pity the untrained gardener who fall prey to this kind of sales gimmick. Oh well, business is business.

I envy the long seedling beds of herbs, always wishing we had much space to grow our own.

Decorative rocks and stones are great elements for hardscapes. I never saw the need for statues or mouldings. When we design the landscape of our dream garden, we want it to look as natural as possible, like nature.

Reality checks in once we go home. Because our garden is confined to a few square meters of concrete-bound space.

Native medicinal plants, fragrant leaves, some ferocious herbs and a lonely bulb. At the moment, those are all things garden for us.

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