fitness friday

We finally started THE Friday morning thing today. Ari has been bugging me to go jogging for the longest time. It may be a cute idea but I am not the most active person on this planet. I hate exercise. It makes me sweat. And has impact on my joints.

I previously told the story of Ari’s insistence to go jogging to my doctor. Then she tells me my three-year old son makes more fitness sense than me. Does this ring a bell? Sounded more like a fire alarm to me.

I always thought of myself as being health conscious. I watch my and my family’s diet. I plan and prepare balanced meals and nutritious snacks even if it can get time-consuming. We eat fresh, even grow our own vegetables and herbs for cooking, and I make sure we avoid fastfood (except for french fries, our guilty pleasure). We go to the doctor regularly for checkups and vaccines. We rest enough, sleep early and wake up early as well. We get morning sunshine, if there’s any. But no exercise. At least for me, because my kids are active as hell and Turo plays basketball with friends from time to time.

The only form of sports I know is tennis, which I’m not any good at (I was only convinced to played tennis because I thought my legs looked great on tennis skirts. LOL) and swimming, which I don’t get to do because we don’t own a pool nor is there a pool in our subdivision. I don’t even own a pair of rubber shoes for crying out loud.

I totally hate exercise. But as a mother, how can you say no to your child when he asks for something that is actually good for him? So, with a borrowed pair of rubber shoes, off we went to Marikina Sports Center.

My brother & I used to go swimming here when we were kids. We also had our tennis lessons in the old tennis court where the newly constructed Marikina Sports Building is now. But the Sports Center is much better than I had remembered it. It has better facilities, is well-secured, and there are people dedicated to assist whoever needs to use their facilities.

The kids enjoyed the short time we spent here. It was our first time to take them to this place. We, including 2-year old Uri, jogged three laps around the oval. When the kids were obviously tired, they were treated to some playtime in the playset, which was a nice one by the way, considering that it’s free to use.

Our fitness Friday morning unfortunately ended with some oily french fries and hash browns that we had to buy from a nearby Mcdo drive thru. It was too early for other restaurants to be open and we were hungry and we still had to do our groceries before we go home. So much for a healthy habit. Next week, I’ll be sure to prepare healthy sandwiches and drinks to bring along on fitness Friday.

6 thoughts on “fitness friday

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  2. nakakatuwa naman si ari. he’s growing up so fast.. nagyayaya na siyang mag-jogging! and look at him in the third photo.. he has muscles na! hehehe 🙂

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