DIY party

Uri’s second birthday party was held yesterday and it was a blast! I was so thrilled to have some of the guests thank me saying their kids really had a great time. Almost as rewarding as seeing your child enjoy in his own birthday celebration.

It took me a month to plan Uri’s birthday party, but it took us several weeks to decide on the party venue. We were initially scouting for a venue in Fort Bonifacio to make it accessible for some of our guests coming from Alabang, Laguna and Cavite. But we want a venue with enough space where the kids can play, is accessible and within our budget. We didn’t seem to find any in the Fort area that fit our requirements, or in any establishment located near C-5.

Close to a month to Uri’s birthday, we limited our venue hunt to places near where we live. Luckily, we remembered Pan de Amerikana, the rustic bakery-cafe where we sometimes buy great tasting giant pan de sal. We eat here once in a while and we know it’s a kid-friendly place. It has a giant chessboard with giant chess pieces that kids love to play with. It has a nice and relaxing ambience where adults can enjoy good conversation. Best of all, the food is good and very affordable.

The giant chessboard inspired the black & white theme for Uri’s party. Notes and sketches on a chalkboard served as the party invitation. The party loot bag consisted of a chalkboard, pieces of dustless chalk, a pencil and some activity sheets for kids to be busy while waiting for other guests to arrive. I thought they were cute and didn’t cost me more than 20 pesos per loot bag.

Since the venue is already pretty, I didn’t bother to put up anymore decor except for Uri’s birthday banner, which I made myself using black & white recycled paper. I had wanted to display some of Uri’s photos, even had them printed, but didn’t get the chance to arrange them in the venue on the day of the party. Turo & I even blew up balloons the night before supposedly for decorating the party stage but were just handed out after the party for kids to play with. The boys also had fever on the week of the party, which gave me less time to execute my crazy decorating ideas.

Still, the party was a hands-down success. Turo & I will have some more celebrating for pulling off another great party. Happy birthday to our little boy Uri and thanks to everyone who came to greet him!

See more photos from the party here.

2 thoughts on “DIY party

  1. gosh, you’re such a planning maniac. you’ll make an excellent event organizer. i’ve seen it in your wedding, christmas gifts, and even in your business. you really make the effort to get the materials from out-of-the-way places. ako, wala akong tyaga pag malayo or mahirap.

    when i plan for something, i know exactly what i want. but then, i’m pretty messy in the planning sometimes. but when i do start working and have figured out my approach, i can be very OC. that’s why i like the dirty work more. maybe, when i have my own business one day, i will look for someone like you to become my partner, who can save me a lot of time in the planning stage so that i can proceed to the implementation ASAP.

    congrats, andrea! i’m a fan of everything DIY. i’m sad i didn’t get well in time for Uri’s party. but looking at the pictures now, i feel so proud of you. 🙂

    1. thanks! i’m still on an after-party high mostly because Uri had such a great time that day.

      you’re right. i am a planning maniac. i can’t help it. even with little things and activities ganito ako. i must be sick or something. LOL

      i still wish i was more creative. most of the time i just copy ideas of other people. and because i haven’t been travelling as much as i had before, my sources of materials have become limited to malls and nearby markets.

      kelan ba magsisimula yang business mo? mag-a-apply nako. LOL

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