unique ceramic designs from dwell

Dwell is my new home store discovery. (I still have no idea how it’s connected to Dwell the magazine, which by the way is my favorite architectural mag.) It’s in this store that I found some relatively affordable retro-inspired vinyl chairs, which I thought I’d only see in magazines. Dwell carries the usual brands that can be found in most specialty stores and a number of department stores. But what I found unique in Dwell is their line of ceramic and porcelain wares.

I took these photos more than two months ago and I can’t remember what brand they are. It must be a rare brand for it not to register to me. I’m guessing they’re hand-painted and individually glazed because there are only one or two of each design.

I have a thing about decorative plates, not to be used as food serving ware, but as home accents. I’ve always been drawn to unique, colorful, handpainted designs and I like how it can create beautiful contrasts against monochromatic walls and flooring.

Even their line of ceramic dinnerware had unique shapes and designs too. So if you’re shopping for some breakables, I would strongly suggest you visit Dwell. And if you like the expensive-ordinary kind of home stuff, you might like this store even more.

Dwell is located along Orchard Road in Eastwood City.


3 thoughts on “unique ceramic designs from dwell

    1. mahal naman sa mga antique shops sa cubao x. i’m still learning on the pricing of antiques. pero meron akong pinupuntahang ukay-ukay sa tapat ng cubao x. great finds there. at least dun hindi kailangan antique literate para magshopping.

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