flowers on the table

I hosted a special dinner for some of my best friends the other night. I prepared a seemingly fancy five-course dinner with a lame attempt at preparing beef carpaccio. Thankfully, the pinkest pink salmon, fresh seafoods and the sweet lychees gave the dinner party some justice.

I even went the extra mile to put flowers on the dinner table. I had two shopping bags full from Farmers’ Market and will be commuting home, but I managed to stop by the flower stand. I chose these local orange irises which cost me forty pesos for one bunch.

A lighted candle and a small piece of squash completed my orange-green motif centerpiece. It was a simple arrangement, quite understated and went unnoticed by the guests. But I loved it and I thought it completed the perfect dinner that I had planned and quite successfully executed.


2 thoughts on “flowers on the table

  1. uy napansin ko naman yung flowers. sorry naman, mas nagfocus kasi ko sa food. lam mo naman gutom na gutom na tayo nun. haha. pero di ko napansin yung squash ha. meron palang ganun dun? btw, thanks for the sosy homemade dinner. the lychees were my favorite (obvious ba, ako yata may pinaka-maraming kinain na lychees).

    1. sabi nga nila, “gutom lang yan.”

      don’t worry, there will be another dinner invitation, with more food and more flowers. til next… =)

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