the garden kitchen

I have a new baby. As if raising two boys is not enough to get my hands full. I found the strength to give birth to a new one. Meet The Garden Kitchen. The little business that I imagined some 15 months ago, but is now a real and existing entrepreneurial activity.

About a month ago, after stumbling upon some ads of homemade bottled sauces that I randomly placed on the internet, Eastwood Mall called me up to invite me to join their Weekend Gourmet Market which was happening on all weekends between April 24 and May 30. Days before the boys’ yaya was scheduled to leave, with 2 part-time jobs and an upcoming field research contract, it was easy to turn down the offer. The marketing person for Eastwood Mall who called me up was neither insistent, but ended our conversation with an, “If you happen to change your mind, give me a call.”

When I got home, Turo made the decision I was very reluctant to make. The next day I was in Eastwood signing a contract and making payments. It felt like a whirlwind romance. At least that was how it felt back then. Now I realize why people say that running a business is a 24/7 job. I’ve had sleepless weekends splitting my time between preparing the goods, manning the bazaar stall and looking after my kids.

I don’t call the garden kitchen as my new baby just because it sounds cute. I soon learned of the striking similarities of motherhood and entrepreneurship. Both can be very difficult and entail much passion and commitment, but in the end can be very rewarding.

The Garden Kitchen sells homemade bottled sauces, dips and spreads made flavorful by homegrown herbs. We are in the Weekend Gourmet Market in Eastwood Mall every Saturdays and Sundays until May 30. Do drop by for a free tasting of our products.


5 thoughts on “the garden kitchen

  1. congratulations! we need more of these products. i hardly go to Eastwood Mall because it’s out of the way for me. but if you happen to participate in a bazaar somewhere between Pasig and Makati, i’ll make sure to drop by. 🙂

    1. I’m looking for a possible market for Makati as well. Hopefully in the next months. I plan to put up a website soon, when I have my product list up I plan to take orders and deliver them to Makati offices on the way to work. I’m getting too excited. LOL

    1. i also sell pesto with pili nuts and it’s one of the bestsellers. i still have a lot of homework to do on food preservation to extend the shelf life of the goods. and a lot of research to do on marketing. there is a niche market for these type of products and it requires some hard work to be able to reach them.

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