gadgets galore

I’m no techie and when I talk gadgets I mean kitchen gadgets. Not those electric types that Rosebud Benitez use in her MSG-laden show. But those traditional yet currently practical tools that everyday cooks could use to make cooking quick and fun.

clockwise from left: cyclone whisk, citrus zester, jar lifter

Finally, I have a wire whisk. Since I’m not a very good baker, I never saw the need for one in my kitchen. I’m content with using a fork for egg beating. But now that I plan to experiment more on salad dressings and sauces I think having a wire whisk + osterizer could temporarily take the place of a food processor in my kitchen–something I’m saving up for along with an immersion blender. This is a Wilton cyclone whisk. The red spiral in the middle is supposed to help aerate mixtures more.

I also bought a citrus zester because I tend to waste a lot of citrus peel everytime I juice lemons and oranges, which we do quite often. The outer layer of citrus fruits contain high amounts of aromatic oils and flavor that can add an instant kick to your recipe. While a vegetable peeler or a box grater can also be used to zest, a citrus zester will yield the best possible results. If you want finer shreds, you can also use a microplane grater. Unfortunately this is way out of my budget.

My current favorite is the jar lifter. I’ve been studying home canning methods for a while now. As a working mother learning food preservation techniques is important if you want to save time and money by cooking ahead, but do not want to compromise the nutritional content of the food you serve your family. If only I had the time, I’d like to take classes on food technology and preservation. There is a science behind kitchen works and it’s something I would eagerly want to learn.

The jar lifter I bought was from a brand called Antique Gadgets. The company specializes in making everyday helpful kitchen gadgets that have been out of production or replaced by electronic devices. I wish they had more products available here. But for now this cool tool that will allow me to pull out hot jars without having to dip my potholder in boiling water.

Now I’m really excited to use my new gadgets. So I’m off this early to the wet market to do a little shopping and whip up a few bottles of my specialty sauces, preserved in the traditional way, despite this day and age of vacuum sealing and microwave reheating.


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