furniture hunt and spicy wings

I went on an office furniture hunt today. Office#2 is having a makeover and I volunteered to help out in the interior decorating, mostly because the boss couldn’t care less while I couldn’t care more about having a nice, productivity-enhancing work environment.

Turo was kind enough to chaperon me as I explored every nook and cranny of Ortigas Home Depot looking for cheap, durable but aesthetically pleasing office furniture. Funny that towards the end of my hunt, I started to wonder why there are so many beds and dining tables and very limited options for office desks and shelves. Then I realized I should have gone to an Office Depot rather than a Home Depot. LOL.

I do enjoy trips to home stores and home sections of department stores. I like Ortigas Home Depot even more because it’s a supersized home store with all the essentials and a lot of the fancier stuff. Prices here are also much cheaper than those in malls and boutique shops.

The Food Street is another great excuse to visit Ortigas Home Depot. This is a long lane of restaurants and bars that normally fills up after office hours. It’s a one stop shop for Friday night gimmicks because aside from live entertainment in the parking area, bars serve a good range of local and imported beers, and restaurants offer decent food and a nice ambiance.

Today we went to Buffalo’s Wings n’ Things from a recommendation by Lori Baltazar, one of my two favorite food writers (the other of the two is Margaux Salcedo). I never liked fried chicken, nor was I a fan of American food, but I dragged Turo into this restaurant as if my tastebuds were cloned from his (Turo’s a fastfood guy, while I’m more of the home-cooked-outside-home-food type).

Like the rest of the joints along Food Street, Buffalo’s had a small space which was lightly compensated by the fact that it had two floors. Still, only around 6 tables could fit in each floor plus maybe 3-4 tables for outside seating. Despite the small space and the fastfood-y category, it had impressive interiors of the black-white-grey color scheme. Black and white photos of old Manhattan, Babe Ruth and the statue of Liberty lined the walls nicely lighted by hanging metal lamps. The black and grey accent tiles contrasting with the white walls created an illusion of space in an otherwise cramped area.

We had to have wings. This is what we came here for. While it’s just your usual buffalo wings fried with a perfect crust, the sauce finishes the dish depending on your heat threshold with spice levels from Rookie to Armageddon. I didn’t have the balls to try the hottest versions so we only tried the Firehouse Classic with Blue Cheese dip. They were very good I tell you. Tasty without being too salty and with the right hint of sourness and spice. Next time we’ll try them with the spicier sauces.

After wiping out the wings, we had dawgs. Two hotdog sandwiches with chilis and cheese sauce topped with pickled onion strings. Again very very tasty. Perfect blend of flavors. Who’d think fastfood-y food can be flavorful? Well, Buffalo’s is NOT fastfood. You actually have to wait for your order as it cooks, but believe me, it’s worth the wait. But the price, that’s fastfood. It’s cheap, for the quality of the food they serve. And the best part of it is you have to eat with your hands.


4 thoughts on “furniture hunt and spicy wings

    1. you should. it comes well recommended. =)
      oo nga why didn’t i think of khao pad? isn’t this the UP thai canteen? should be next on my list.

  1. yup. it is. but if you’re going to order mixed toppings, ipaluto nyo kay mommy instead of getting from the food already prepared on the counter. huwag kayo mahiya, marami gumagawa nun kahit di nakasulat sa menu. =)

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