justifying the blogging break

At least it hasn’t been a month since I last posted an entry. But close to a month. Very close.

My apologies to my readers. Now I keep thinking whatever had I been busy with that I had not had time to drop a line in here? When in fact I had installed a wireless router at home so I can go online while watching over my sleeping kids. And that Turo’s been doing most of the cooking at home. And there was only one party that we hosted in the entire duration that I was absent from this blog.

While I now work for two different institutions, been accepting freelance work left and right, spending weekends at the beach, volunteering my skills for a couple of NGOs and running an online business with my college friends, in addition to taking care of two toddlers and preparing for the resignation of our trusty yaya, they’re not good enough excuses for nearly a month without posts. Having ran out of interesting stuff to write about can be a better explanation. With my now-getting-busy schedule, I lost precious time to read books and magazines, surf the internet and read up on other blogs–that’s losing access to sources of ideas for blog entries. And since Turo took over my cooking regime, I can’t even cook up a food entry.

This is alarming though, and I now need to get back on track, rather urgently. So alongside my apologies for the lack of posts is a word of caution that there will be more eventful and insightful additions to this blog. Thanks everyone for reading!


4 thoughts on “justifying the blogging break

  1. ako nga nakapag-set-up na ng mga blog pero di ko pa nalalamanan… lahat ng entries naka-draft pa sa notebook. hehehe! (if only i have my own laptop… i can type away anytime, anywhere…)

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