tagaytay mahogany market

Turo & I were in Tagaytay yesterday on official business. Our meeting was at 2:30pm which gave us ample driving time past the 10:00am mark of the number coding scheme. We left at 11 and went on a slow drive to Tagaytay via C-5-SLEX-Daang Hari-Aguinaldo Highway route. Slow driving is such an indulgence these days we almost felt guilty on the road going there and back.

We arrived at Mahogany Market a few minutes before 2pm, just in time for a much-anticipated late lunch. The Mahogany Market is known as a good source of fresh, cheap, prime meat. We forgot to bring a styro box so we weren’t able to bring home nice and cheap tenderloin steaks. Sayang!

Right beside the market is a block lined with carinderias where we had lunch. We had to have bulalo, of course, even if the not-so-cool Tagaytay summer weather was not so much in sync with sipping a bowl of hot beef broth. Turo was quite disappointed with the bulalo because it was quite salty. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the late lunch. We were still in romantic Tagaytay, enjoying pleasant husband-wife conversations, with no kids to tend to, and taking things slow and cool. Even a salty bowl of bulalo can be quite melodramatic for me.


4 thoughts on “tagaytay mahogany market

  1. We were there last November. The view was truly breathtaking. But is Tagaytay part of Cavite and Taal Batangas? I can’t find find a political map to show actual boundary lines.

    1. tagaytay city is part of cavite. but some areas overlooking the lake are also found within talisay, batangas and some parts of taal.

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