recovering from a virus

The vacation in Guiuan series is taking a breather as I try to recover from a terrible virus that attacked my computer earlier this week. My work-related files, papers, researches and a lot of my serious writings were thankfully spared. But all of my photos, videos and audio files are gone the moment I hit the system recovery button on my netbook. I was near tears while I reinstalled the OS on my computer. I can’t believe how depressing this can be.

While I battle with this depression and try to get my computer working as before, here are some of the lessons I learned from the last couple of days and swear to live by from this moment on.

  1. Never save files on the C drive of your computer.
  2. Buy another external hard disk drive.
  3. Don’t leave beautiful photos laying idle on your computer. Print them! And put them in an album or on a frame.
  4. Stop downloading mp3s. Buy original music CDs instead and support the music industry.
  5. Take time to sit down and edit home videos and burn them into playable DVDs.
  6. Stop resizing photo uploads to web sizes. Never mind if it takes too long to upload. At least you have print quality photos stored safely on the net. You can always create new accounts on multiply or flickr if you run out of space.
  7. Install and actively use 3 types of antivirus. Why do these things never work anymore?!

8 thoughts on “recovering from a virus

  1. that’s such a terrible news. i’m really sorry to hear that.

    when you said “Buy another external hard disk drive,” do you mean you already have one?… because i’m hoping that some of your media files are already backed up there…

    1. i had one but gave it to my brother since he’s the one needing a lot of space for his graphics. maybe there are some photos and videos around the time ari was born that’s left there. but from the time ari was a toddler and uri was born, everything’s on my computer na. haaay.

  2. ooohhh… that’s really terrible.

    we really always need to back-up. we have an external drive and i have been meaning to back-up its contents in DVDs too, but i’m not making time. this is a wake-up call for me.

  3. funny kasi i never really saw the need to back up except now. i always just intended to sort all media, delete the unnecessary ones, have the nice photos printed and the cool videos edited together. i hate the idea of having scrappy files eat storage space. but now i know i can only give so much time for this. and unless i stop taking photos and videos, i would never get everything cleaned up.

    so yes, i now pledge to back up regularly. what a tough, tough lesson learned.

  4. my netbook was hit by a virus/malware or watchamacallit. I don’t have the installer CD with me so I resorted to installing an Ubuntu OS. Ubuntu is (almost) virus free. I am considering of sticking with it since I only use a laptop for writing and internet. Honestly I don’t miss Windowzzz that much for personal computing.

    1. thanks for this advice. i’ve been on a frantic search for ms office product keys all week. my netbook has a built-in windows OS that i already reinstalled. but last night i decided to install open office. now i’m hooked on searching for open office plug-ins!

  5. guilty as charged! i don’t backup my files. i realized how important this is nung nasira ang phone ko and all my contacts for the past 4 working years were lost. now i still don’t back up my pc files. harhar.

    can’t give up no.4, have tons of mp3s. and i have many movies which i have spent lots of time downloading. pag nabura lahat yun… waaaah!!! 😀

    1. si turo na-addict na sa kakaburn ng music cds and videos on dvds. ako naman na-addict kakabili ng photo album at pagpa-print ng photos. medyo magastos nga lang tong bagong bisyo namin. o wel..

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