three-peso beach

The travel to Guiuan is both exhausting and invigorating, while experiencing natural marvels first hand. We would not let the first day of our vacation pass without taking a dip. Riding a tricycle we went to Dumpao Beach. Just the sight of the shore in the glow of the afternoon sun was the height of my day. And the entire beach is ours until the sun sets. Aaaah, what tranquility.

The water was encouragingly warm and low-tide shallow, perfect for a relaxing dip. The sand had a natural coarseness and looked bronzed under the sunset. The palm-fringed shore, even with the seaweeds outspread, and the water was very clean. It’s delighting to see a public beach remain immaculate considering that Dumpao is a favorite swimming spot among Guiuanons.

Before dusk, we toweled off so the tricycle ride back to Tanghay won’t be too cold and too dark. I tried to look for the person-in-charge in the area to say thank you’s and make payments, if any. I found it amusing and humbling at the same time that she charged us twenty four pesos in total. That’s three pesos for a piece of paradise. Wow!


2 thoughts on “three-peso beach

  1. Tranquility indeed. But the pictured gentleman is still seemingly “plugged in.”

    RE: Nikon pint-and-shoot, I remember you did have a post about buying a new camera. It’s really not what, but how you use the camera. And you do take photos well.

    I myself just started a site for my photos. I hope they measure up.

    Sorry to hear about your computer virus. I’m sure it’ll work out.

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