a little indulgence at the end of the road

The road to Guiuan is a visual treat. Not a lot of people may have the patience to sit up for three hours, but we’re used to plying the Rizal-Quezon route that takes even longer. Three hours in and out of the magnificent Eastern Samar coast is one pleasurable ride. We passed maybe six towns going south of Samar, including the historic town of Balangiga, the protected areas of Marabut, and the town of Basey known for its colorful woven banigs. A trail of rock formations, nipa and mangrove plantations, and miles and miles of beaches are common sight throughout the ride.

But three hours of land travel even on a private van can be exhausting. It’s good the people of Guiuan found a refreshing way to welcome their guests. On a hot summer day, the famous Guiuan halo-halo is a notch better than your regular halo-halo. It has fruits! Fruits in halo-halo? I guess one has to taste to understand.


2 thoughts on “a little indulgence at the end of the road

  1. Welcome back. ‘Imagine it was tough leaving such a beautiful place. Have to ask: Is that your camera reflected in the middle photo? And, what’s up with the umbrella?

    ‘Look forward to next installment.

    1. There were places in Guiuan that we weren’t able to visit because we had limited time. That would be part of the itinerary for our next trip there. =)

      Yup, that’s our camera, just the regular Nikon point-and-shoot. Hard to fumble with an elaborate camera with kids in tow.

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